BioNet Holding GmbH was established in May 1997 by the late Dr Stefan Engelhorn, a member of one of the families that formerly owned Corange / Boehringer Mannheim. It is a privately financed company, and its main purpose is the coordination, financing and management of Biotech / Life Science companies based in Germany.

At present, BioNet Holding GmbH is directly or indirectly the sole shareholder of the following Group companies:

  • Scil Technology GmbH, Martinsried/Munich
  • Scil Proteins GmbH, Halle

The member companies of the BioNet Group follow the vision of the late Dr Stefan Engelhorn which was that the greatest potential for innovation in Life Science will emerge at the interface of hitherto separate technology areas and functions. They were established as Biotech / Life Science companies where interdisciplinary thinking and behaviour can turn their potential into reality.

The BioNet Group companies either sell or are developing innovative therapeutic and diagnostic products which address unmet medical needs in humans. With a market orientation and a focus on patient and customer needs, the companies operate in or address potentially highly profitable niche markets in Biotech / Life Sciences.

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